Drone Flying Over Mountain Range

Atlas & Horizon µADC Specifications Download

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    uADC Gen4 Atlas or Horizon


    Optimized for use with a Pitot-static Probe, the Atlas provides air data over a wide range of airspeed from 10 to over 612 knots indicated airspeed.

    When paired with Aeroprobe’s heated and drained Pitot-static probes, the Atlas is ideal for missions in harsh conditions such as rain and ice.



    For a high-altitude mission or when AS8002 altitude accuracy is needed, the Horizon is the right choice. Horizon is optimized for use with a Pitot-static Probe and operates over a wide range of altitudes and airspeed from 10 to 612 knots indicated airspeed.

    The Horizon is designed to operate well beyond the ceiling of most manned aircraft and operates at altitudes up to 75,000 ft.

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