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Total Air Temperature Probe

Total Air Temperature (TAT) Probe

A Total Air Temperature (TAT) probe has the same design as a Kiel probe, but also includes a thermocouple or RTD to measure the temperature of the air flow.

The shroud has the added benefit of reducing errors associated with radiative heat transfer. An aerodynamic calibration is performed in Aeroprobe’s wind tunnels to develop a relationship between the recovery factor and the Mach number of the flow. This calibration allows for a measurement of true temperature, which would otherwise be distorted by operating conditions.

Combination Multi-hole-Total Air Temperature (TAT) probes, like the one shown below, are also available to provide pressure and temperature data with one instrument.

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  • Standard tip diameter 3.18 mm; Optional, 2.38 mm, or 6.35 mm
  • Temperature ratings up to 500°
  • Standard 300 Stainless steel construction
  • Custom engineering solutions available
  • Standard media: non-reactive gases, air, water, and other fluids


Conventional System


Industry Applications