Prismatic Phasa-35 flying with Aeroprobe's lightweight, heated multi-function Air Data Probe and Micro Air Data Computer.

PHASA-35’s Triumph: Aeroprobe’s Micro Air Data System Guides Flight to New Heights

Prismatic Phasa-35 flying with Aeroprobe's lightweight, heated multi-function Air Data Probe and Micro Air Data Computer.

Congratulations to Prismatic on their groundbreaking achievement, reaching over 66,000 feet with the PHASA-35 High Altitude Pseudo-Satellite and landing safely. This remarkable feat marks a new era in sensing and communication systems. Aeroprobe is excited to support this rapidly developing unmanned flight market by supplying the Hyperion Micro Air Data System to provide the high-accuracy aerodynamic measurements necessary for stratospheric flight control.

“Our flight missions require extremely accurate airflow measurements to achieve our performance requirements,” said Dave Corfield CEO of Prismatic. “We greatly value the partnership with Aeroprobe and are confident that our collaboration will result in significant advancements in our ability to provide an alternative to conventional sensing and communications systems. Partnering with Aeroprobe, we were able to integrate their Micro Air Data System to achieve our mass targets which are critical to PHASA-35 performance.’’

When combined with Aeroprobe’s lightweight, heated Multi-function Air Data Probe, the Hyperion’s capabilities are extensive. The system provides airflow measurements at Indicated Airspeeds as low as 5 knots, delivering critical real-time measurements of flight control parameters such as airspeed (both indicated and true), angle-of-attack, angle-of-sideslip, and barometric altitude. It achieves operational altitudes up to an impressive 75,000 feet, elevating the standard for accuracy and reliability.

In addition to its remarkable performance metrics, the Hyperion has a lightweight profile, weighing less than 300 grams, and operates with minimal power consumption as low as 1 watt. The optional inclusion of an integrated Attitude Heading and Reference System further enhances its capabilities by enabling inertial and orientation measurements.

Aeroprobe takes pride in having flown with Prismatic on their triumphant 2023 solar-powered stratospheric flight. We look forward to what the PHASA-35 and Prismatic team will accomplish next! As the stratospheric flight realm expands, Aeroprobe remains eager to collaborate with other pioneering ventures aiming to soar into these unprecedented altitudes, supporting their endeavors with cutting-edge technology and expertise.