Multi-hole Probes are used to measure the flow velocity and direction in a wide range of measurement conditions. Most commonly they are used in wind tunnels, turbomachinery, and test rigs in the aerospace and automotive sectors. A wide range of geometries and sizes allows for accurate measurements no matter the scale, from a 10mm high compressor flow channel to a 100m diameter wind turbine, we have you covered.

For specialty measurement requirements our 0.7mm diameter 7-hole boundary layer probe takes measurements in the smallest regions. For complex flows, our Omniprobe can cover up to 150° of flow angle. Our high-temperature capable probes can handle up to 900°C without any cooling system.

Head sizes range from 1.6mm (1/16”) to 9.5mm (3/8”) and geometries include Straight, Drilled Elbow, or L-shaped so you can easily access your flow channel. We offer 3-hole, 5-hole, and 7-hole variants depending on your measurement needs. Our 7-hole probe can meet our strict accuracy requirements at up to flow angles of 60° (away from the stem). With a factory calibration, we guarantee accuracy in flow angle of ±1° and velocity of ±1 m/s or 1% whichever is greater and can calibrate from low subsonic (M = 0.05) to supersonic (M = 1.8) in our on-site wind tunnels.


  • Spherical tip geometry
  • Standard tip diameter starting at 6.35mm
  • Capable of measuring flow vectors up to ±150 °
  • Temperature ratings up to 500° C
  • High accuracy NIST traceable aerodynamic calibrations
  • Up to 9000 discrete aerodynamic calibration points per speed
  • 303, 304 Stainless steel construction; Optional nickel based super alloy for high strength
  • Custom engineering solutions available
  • Standard media: non-reactive gases, air, water, and other fluids
  • Angle error less than ±2°
  • Velocity error less than ±3%
Probe in Turbomachinery


Straight Multi-hole Probes

Straight Probes are used primarily for measuring flow as it is approaching the test area. Wind tunnel testing facilities often use Straight Probes because their mounting systems are perpendicular to the airflow and the Straight Probe places the probe tip directly in the air flow. Use whenever possible.


L-Shaped Multi-hole Probes

The curved neck design of the L-Shaped Probe allows for less blockage of airflow downstream because the shaft of the probe is mounted perpendicular to the tip of the probe, removing the shaft from the air stream. Use when space is available.


Cobra Multi-hole Probes

The Cobra Probe’s design is ideal for testing environments where air flow will change regularly. The tip of the Cobra Probe stays in line with the shaft, so it does not change locations when it is rotated to receive measurements from a different angle. Use when probe will be rotated about axis during use.


Drilled Elbow Probe

Drilled Elbow Probes are ideal for environments with space limitations, such as those between blade rows in compact turbomachinery. Drilled Elbow Probes allow for the placement of instrumentation in specific, targeted locations without sacrificing accuracy or disrupting flow conditions. Use when space is limited.


Eccentric Ferrule Probe

Our Eccentric Ferrule Probe is a Drilled Elbow Probe constructed with a shaft that is off center. This design moves the tip of the probe closer to the probe shaft centerline, allowing it to fit into smaller and more compact spaces. This probe is ideal for turbomachinery applications where space between engine compartments is limited.


Straight Multi-hole Probes

High Temperature Probes are specifically designed for high temperature environments, such as gas turbines and afterburners, gas and steam turbines, and exhaust testing. Manufactured of high-strength nickel alloy, the high temperature probe has a temperature rating up to 900° C, allowing it to be placed in high temperature media.

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