Kiel Probe with Turbo Blade


Kiel Probes are used to measure the total pressure of a flow with high accuracy over a wide range of flow angles. Unlike a Pitot Probe, the Kiel Probe’s shroud acts to straighten the incoming flow and remove measurement errors associated with varying flow angles. Kiel Probes do not require aerodynamic calibration.

Combination Kiel-Total Air Temperature (TAT) Probes are also available to provide pressure and temperature data with one instrument. Additionally, Aeroprobe specializes in the custom design and engineering of Kiel probes for integration into rake geometries and specialized mounting hardware.

While the advantage of a Kiel Probe is its insensitivity to flow angle, it does not provide a measurement of the flow angle. If simultaneous measurement of flow angle as well as total and static pressure is required, please see our Multi-hole Probe products.


  • Standard tip diameters of 2.4, 3.2, 6.35 mm
  • Temperature ratings up to 500° C
  • Standard Stainless steel (300 series) construction; Optional nickel based super alloy for high strength and temperature.
  • Custom engineering solutions available
  • Standard media: non-reactive gases, air, water, and other fluids


Straight Kiel Probe

Straight Probes are used primarily for measuring flow as it is approaching the test area. Wind tunnel testing facilities often use Straight Probes because their mounting systems are perpendicular to the airflow and the Straight Probe places the probe tip directly in the air flow. 


Drilled Elbow Kiel Probe

Drilled Elbow Probes are ideal for environments with space limitations, such as those between blade rows in compact turbomachinery. Drilled Elbow Probes allow for the placement of instrumentation in specific, targeted locations without sacrificing accuracy or disrupting flow conditions. Use when space is limited.

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