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Heated & Drained Pitot-Static Probe

Heated & Drained Pitot-Static Probe

Aeroprobe offers a line of Drained Pitot/Pitot-Static probes to allow unmanned platforms to operate in more extreme weather conditions. As with all Aeroprobe flight products size, weight, and power were taken into consideration to provide optimal performance for unmanned platforms.

Pitot-Static probes measure total and static pressures to derive airspeed and altitude. Commonly used for flight applications, these probes can be straight for boom mounting ahead of the aircraft or include an aerodynamic strut for fuselage mounting.


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  • Probes offered with or without a static ring
  • Designed to meet AS8006 performance standard
  • Drained tip designed to meet AS5562 rain standard
  • Optional safety feature: PT100 RTD to monitor internal probe temperature Low weight (as low as 50 g unheated and 100 g heated)
  • Configurable for specific platforms & envelopes
  • Two tip diameters – 9.5mm (standard) / 7.9mm (optional)
  • Straight, L Shaped, or Strut Mounted Designs
  • For use up to Mach = 0.85 (performance testing available)
  • Compatible with Aeroprobe’s Micro Air Data Computer (µADC) or connected directly to your existing hardware with pitot and static ports
  • Standard heater options at 12V/18W, 15V/23W, or 28V/42W for anti-icing capability – other higher power heaters options possible
  • Anti-icing heater
  • Choice of pneumatic connector
  • Rugged brazed stainless steel construction



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