The rebranding effort will usher in a new era for the company’s patented process

Aeroprobe Corporation announced today that it has rebranded Additive Friction Stir, its proprietary additive manufacturing process, as MELD Technology. The change marks an important milestone as the company’s process moves from research and development and proof of concept projects to contract manufacturing and machine sales.

MELD is an open atmosphere metallurgical process that allows for the joining of similar and dissimilar materials. It is highly-scalable and can be used across a variety of applications, including coating, repairing, and additive manufacturing in numerous industries. Unlike similar processes, MELD does not melt materials to join them, allowing for stronger bonds and overall superior mechanical properties.

The rebranding effort includes a modern visual identity, complete with a new logo that will be displayed on machines and interfaces.  These changes will help to differentiate the MELD process from Aeroprobe’s measurement solutions business, which will continue to provide air data and flow measurement systems to customers worldwide. Additionally, the new name will distinguish MELD technology from other additive manufacturing processes currently available.

“Our process and machines are unique and we want a name that reflects that,” noted CEO Nanci Hardwick. “MELD captures the essence of what the process does: join materials together. But it does so in a way that’s fresh and sleek. Above all, it helps us stand out from other processes and will make it easier for customers to see the MELD machines as something separate from Aeroprobe’s other products. We’re excited to share the capabilities of this new equipment with industry and research institutions.”

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