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Aeroprobe AeroFlow 3.0.3

AeroFlow is designed to provide an unparalleled capability to analyze and visualize the high-quality data provided by Aeroprobe systems. AeroFlow converts measured probe pressures into detailed information about fluid flow.  Data accuracy is enhanced by application of our high resolution multi-hole probe aerodynamic calibrations.

With AeroFlow, you can see, graph, manipulate, and export:

  • Velocity components (with respect to probe’s coordinate system)
  • Velocity magnitude
  • Mach number
  • Density
  • Total and static pressure
  • Total and static temperature
  • Cone and roll angles (spherical coordinate angles)
  • Pitch and yaw angles (angle-of-attack, angle-of-sideslip)

AeroFlow can be purchased as a stand-alone application for multi-hole probe data reduction.

Features include:

  • Load multi-hole calibration files (*.pcf) for 3-, 5-, 7-, and Omniprobes
  • Efficiently import raw pressure data files via ADF Creator tool.
  • Specify ideal gas parameters
  • View tabulated data and open with external applications such as Microsoft Excel from the file tree
  • Visualize data via 2D plots
    • Copy graphs to clipboard
    • Change independent variable via drop down menu
    • Zoom (unconstrained, horizontal, vertical)
    • Move the graph within the zoom constraints with the pan tool
    • Set axis limits
    • Change the plot color and symbols
    • Show a data point X and Y value with the DataTip tool
    • Undock plots
    • Plot multiple data files on the same graph for comparison with Project Summary View
  • Visualize data via the Advanced Graphics tool that include
    • Scatter plots
    • Scatter with contour
    • Contour
    • Contour with smooth interpolation

Additionally, dynamically linked libraries (*.dll) integrate AeroFlow with LabView Matlab, C++, and Python. Example source code is included to demonstrate how to implement the integration. Access to the AeroFlow reduction libraries enables on-the-fly data processing of multiple Aeroprobe multi-hole probes when integrated with existing customer data acquisition software.

Overview of the ADF Creator in Aeroflow

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