AeroFlow being used during wind tunnel test


AeroFlow is the premier Multi-hole Probe data processing and visualization application for aerodynamicists. It applies Multi-hole Probe aerodynamic calibrations to measured pressure data to calculate the flow velocity vector, total and static pressure, Mach number, and total temperature.

Superior Accuracy 

AeroFlow uses a proprietary adaptive algorithm to deliver the minimum error in the measurement over a wide range of conditions. 

Ultra-Fast Processing 

Developed with speed in mind, AeroFlow swiftly processes data to ensure a continuous flow of answers. 

Private & Secure 

AeroFlow operates independently of cloud-based technology, allowing you to always retain full control of your data. 

AeroFlow-Studio Sample Images
AeroFlow Engine

The AeroFlow ENGINE is a dynamically linked library that supports integration into 3rd party software.

Including code written in:

  • C++
  • C#
  • Python
  • LabView
AeroFlow Studio

AeroFlow STUDIO is a user-friendly data visualization and analysis application, powered by the AeroFlow Engine, where no coding is required, enabling you to swiftly obtain results. With access to the AeroFlow reduction libraries, you can perform on-the-fly data processing of multiple Aeroprobe multi-hole probes when seamlessly integrated with your existing customer data acquisition software. Additionally, within AeroFlow STUDIO, you can effortlessly view, graph, manipulate, and export a wide range of critical parameters, including velocity components, velocity magnitude, Mach number, density, total and static pressure, total and static temperature, Mach number, cone and roll angles (spherical coordinate angles), as well as pitch and yaw angles (angle-of-attack and angle-of-sideslip).

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