Micro Air Data Computer

Aeroprobe is setting a new standard for in-flight air-data with its air data system (ADS). ADS incorporates Aeroprobe's industry-leading air-data reduction algorithms into a compact, lightweight micro air data computer (ADC) which streams and/or logs data at rates up to 100 Hz. Data is acquired by a 5-hole probe which provides angle of attack, angle of sideslip and airspeed.

A Micro Air Data Computer provides accurate, fast, air data to a UAV flight controller. Integrating this feedback into the flight controller allows for unprecedented control fidelity and response in any size UAV.

Utilizing microprocessors and the latest in miniaturized, high-reliability pressure sensors, the Micro Air Data Computer weighs in at only 150g. Due to its compact size, the micro ADC can be mounted in close proximity to the air data probe, which can be mounted on a fuselage, wing, or boom.

Unlike traditional air data booms, the system has no moving parts. An air data probe extends into the free stream flow, where pressure is developed on the tip ports and on the static ring. PUSH THE ENVELOPE with Aeroprobe's air data reduction algorithms that calculate angle of attack, angle of sideslip, flow velocity and altitude, streamed in real-time to a flight controller or to the on-board data storage.

The Micro Air Data Computer addresses the needs of an ever-growing air data market that has expanded applications in scientific research, defense and commercial industries. They enable any size platform to reap the stability and endurance benefits that real-time air data measurement provide to a flight controller.

Our engineering expertise and attention to detail has produced technology with versatile applications and reliable accuracy for over 15 years. Integrate an air data system into your project and you'll find your air data problems get a lot smaller.

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