Combine the functionality of our five hole probes with our micro air data computer to produce a fully integrated air data system that will greatly improve the stability and safety of unmanned aircraft used in research, commercial, or defense applications by delivering accurate air data to a flight controller or remote pilot in real-time.

The μADS 2.0 incorporates our industry-leading air-data reduction algorithms into a compact, lightweight micro air data computer. When paired with our air data probe, the airspeed, angle of attack, and angle of sideslip are measured with high accuracy while the integrated GPS/INS unit produces real-time synched data.

Our Micro Air Data System (μADS 2.0):

  • Improves Stability
  • Increases Aircraft Control
  • Achieves Greater Fuel Efficiency
  • Reduces Maintenance

μADS 2.0 Features and Capabilities


  • Real-time air data, angle of attack, angle of sideslip, velocity, and altitude
  • Embedded thermocouple for true air temperature measurement
  • Integrated GPS/INS unit
  • High speed: up to 100 Hz reporting rate
  • Low power: <2watt power consumption
  • Embedded deicing heater
  • Dual sensors that increase the velocity and altitude range
  • Optional analog-to-digital channels for general purpose data acquisition
  • Data logging
  • Quick-start kit for bench-top demonstration or in-lab use
  • COTS and custom hardware versions available

micro air data system