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Kiel Probe

Kiel Probe

Kiel probes are used to measure total pressure in an air or other fluid flow where the direction of flow is unknown or varies with operating conditions. Kiel probes include  a “flow-through” shroud or shield around the measurement tube. The shroud acts to straighten the incoming flow and remove measurement uncertainty errors associated with varying flow angles. Kiel probes do not require aerodynamic calibration.

Combination Kiel-Total Air Temperature (TAT) probes are also available to provide pressure and temperature data with one instrument.

Kiel Probe

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  • Standard tip diameter 6.35 mm
  • Temperature ratings up to 500° C
  • Standard 300 Stainless steel construction; Optional nickel based super alloy for high strength
  • Custom engineering solutions available
  • Standard media: non-reactive gases, air, water, and other fluids


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Industry Applications

Aerospace Industry


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