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Heated Air Data Probe

Heated Air Data Probe

Heated Air Data probes are designed for manned and unmanned systems needing rain resistance and de-icing capability. These probes can be implemented in a wide range of environmental conditions.

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  • 1, 3, or 5 holes (plus static ring)
  • Standard tip diameter with heater 9.53 mm and 11.11 mm
  • Maximum probe temperature 200° C
  • Accepts flow angles ranges of ±20° Angle of Attack and Angle of Sideslip
  • Frequency response <50d Hz
  • High accuracy NIST traceable aerodynamic calibrations
  • Up to 500 discrete aerodynamic calibration points per Mach number
  • Standard 300 Stainless steel construction; Optional nickel based super alloy for high strength
  • Optional embedded thermocouple
  • Optional embedded Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTD)
  • Custom engineering solutions available
  • Standard media: air
  • Average measured angular deviation of <1°
  • Average measured velocity deviation of ±1% or ±1 m/s (whichever is larger)



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