Air Data

Aeroprobe's multi-hole probe systems represent a robust and reliable 
method for direct air data measurement. Our air data systems are 
highly accurate and available in sizes suitable for all classes of UAV, as
 well as use with wind tunnel instrumentation and aircraft avionics.

Air Data System

Aeroprobe’s air data systems are designed for maximum accuracy in
 an easy-to-integrate package. They serve as the most reliable solution 
for all types of air data measurement with minimum integration
 cost. Aeroprobe systems operate as a primary air data instrument, as
research instrumentation, or for redundancy purposes. Aeroprobe can 
assist aerospace engineers with advanced design support, such as
 characterizing an airframe’s influence on probe measurements.
 Aeroprobe aims to increase the range of applications and benefits 
provided by UAV. Our engineering expertise and attention to detail has
 produced technology with versatile applications and reliable accuracy
 for over 15 years. Integrate an Aeroprobe system into your project and
you’ll find your air data problems get a lot smaller.

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