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Our mission is to provide UAV and Motorsports operators, as well as automotive and turbo-machinery engineers, with highly accurate measurement instruments that provide real-time air and flow data for more efficient operation and enhanced engineering.

In short, we help cars go faster, planes fly safer, and engines deliver more power. 

At Aeroprobe, you’ll find a mix of diversities, backgrounds, ages, and traits. For everything that makes us unique, we all share a common goal to work together to do great things. Underlying that goal is a set of values that guide us when we’re working with customers, partners, and together.

bulletV4 Be good: be kind, respectful, ethical, helpful, and leave it better than you found it – whether a project, customer, or even the kitchen.

bulletV4 Be inventive: be courageous in technology, relationships, and overcoming challenges of all kinds. Inventors boldly experiment. Inventors stand ready to learn from any source.

bulletV4 Be positive: imagine the best for yourself and others and then work to achieve it.

bulletV4 Be true: be smart to only make promises you can keep. Keep your promises.

bulletV4 Be committed: give it your best effort. Don’t give up.