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About Aeroprobe

Aeroprobe’s measurement solutions products provide air data measurement systems to aerospace, automotive, turbomachinery, wind turbine, and wind tunnel testing industries around the globe. Our air data systems for unmanned aircraft offer real-time data for research and flight testing. Our extensive line of probes are capable of performing in unusual and complex testing scenarios, including those with unsteady flows and extreme temperatures. Measurement solutions business is conducted worldwide through a series of over 20 distributors. Aeroprobe’s products offer highly-accurate measurements of real-time air and flow data for a variety of applications and contribute to efficient operation and enhanced engineering. Our vast experience in the industry allows us to analyze customer needs and make individual recommendations suited for each application.

Our additive manufacturing division is centered around MELD, a revolutionary additive manufacturing process. MELD is a solid-state metal deposition process able to produce near-net shape deposits in a range of materials and can be used for manufacturing, coating, repairing, and joining similar and dissimilar metals and metal matrix composites. Aeroprobe holds several U.S. patents related to MELD and offers products, services, and machines for industry, academia, and government institutions.

Aeroprobe’s mission for all sides of our business is to provide quality systems and instruments to industries around the world. We pride ourselves on succeeding where others cannot and finding unique solutions for our customers’ needs.

In addition to our strong focus on being revolutionary in our technology, we also strive to be revolutionary in our culture. Our team is comprised of individuals of all ages from a mix of backgrounds, fields, and characteristics with a common goal of working together to achieve great things. We are committed to upholding a solid sense of values when interacting with customers, partners, and one another.

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