Company Overview

Aeroprobe provides air data measurement systems to aerospace, automotive, turbomachinery, wind turbine, and wind tunnel testing industries around the world. Aeroprobe’s air data systems for unmanned aircraft provide real time air speed, angle of attack and angle of sideslip for improved flight performance.  Turnkey systems include instrumentation for measurement, hardware for data collection, and software for data reduction, analysis and visualization.  High temperature probes operate in flows up to 1200°C. Omniprobes, featuring a 300° flow angle range, are capable of measuring reversed flow. Fast response probes provide a frequency response exceeding 4 KHz.  Rake configurations allow for simultaneous multi-point, unsteady measurements.  The company conducts international business through a network of over 20 distributors.

Aeroprobe’s research division is developing an additive friction stir process.  This flexible, additive process can be used to join, coat and additively manufacture similar and dissimilar metals.

Aeroprobe Summary [PDF]