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Derive accurate air data during the launch of
space craft to gain better control



Get real-time air data for increased flight safety
and stability while also optimizing fuel efficiency


Collect measurements in specialized environments
to improve turbomachinery design 



Explore the velocity and pressure fields around a rotating wheel


Measure wind speed and direction for renewable energy research


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Welcome to AEROPROBE

Aeroprobe is a leading producer of air data and flow measurement systems to aerospace, automotive, turbomachinery, wind turbine, and wind tunnel testing industries around the world. The combination of our probes with our data analysis software enables the collection of highly accurate pressure and velocity data in complex, specialized environments.

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Micro Air Data System
Company News, Micro Air Data System

Aeroprobe Launches New Micro Air Data Computer ModelsFeatured

New models expand the company’s lineup of mobile measurement solutions technology

Aeroprobe Corporation has added two new Micro Air Data Computers (μADC) to its product line. The Pegasus and Destiny models introduce new and streamlined features while offering the accuracy and economical size of the company’s current models.

μADCs are used to gather and process air flow data in a range of applications and industries.  When used in conjunction with an air data probe, such as those from Aeroprobe’s expansive product line, μADCs offer a complete system for air flow data acquisition and analysis. These products are used in the unmanned systems industry primarily for avionics to collect real-time air data for increased flight performance and stability.  Other industries leverage the mobility of this system to make measurements in remote locations or on board moving platforms. For example, the wind turbine industry can evaluate wind characteristics in real time and use that information to adjust the pitch of the turbine blades to maximize power output. Trucks and other motor vehicles can respond to real-time wind data to maximize vehicle aerodynamics.

One new model includes an Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) that provides attitude information, including roll, pitch, and yaw. Other new features include an RTD input for low-noise air temperature measurement and a quick disconnect pneumatic connector for a faster and easier setup process. In addition to the standard airspeed, angle of attack, angle of sideslip, and barometric altitude measurements, all models include field programmable firmware, external GPS synchronization, and data logging or streaming capabilities in a small, light-weight and low-power package that is comparable in size and weight to a cellphone.

Learn more about the new products.

Micro Purge System
Company News

Aeroprobe Announces Micro Purge System

The new product is an accessory for the company’s Micro Air Data System (μADS)

Aeroprobe Corporation is adding a Micro Purge System (μPS) to its line of measurement solutions products. The μPS will allow users to purge the pneumatic system of the μADS of debris and moisture that can develop during normal operation. These elements can influence data acquisition and create functional issues.

The μPS is controlled by a Micro Air Data Computer (μADC), another component of the μADS. As a pump-based purge system, the μPS can be operated without the need for an external compressed air source.

Aeroprobe’s μPS is the lightest solution for purge available and can be paired with any of the company’s μADCs.

Learn more about the Micro Purge System Here.