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Derive accurate air data during the launch of
space craft to gain better control



Get real-time air data for increased flight safety
and stability while also optimizing fuel efficiency


Collect measurements in specialized environments
to improve turbomachinery design 



Explore the velocity and pressure fields around a rotating wheel


Measure wind speed and direction for renewable energy research


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Welcome to AEROPROBE

Aeroprobe is a leading producer of air data and flow measurement systems to aerospace, automotive, turbomachinery, wind turbine, and wind tunnel testing industries around the world. The combination of our probes with our data analysis software enables the collection of highly accurate pressure and velocity data in complex, specialized environments.

More About Aeroprobe
Micro Air Data System

The Power of the μADS 2.0Featured

Combine the functionality of our five hole probes with our micro air data computer to produce a fully integrated air data system that will greatly improve the stability and safety of unmanned aircraft used in research, commercial, or defense applications by delivering accurate air data to a flight controller or remote pilot in real-time.

The μADS 2.0 incorporates our industry-leading air-data reduction algorithms into a compact, lightweight micro air data computer. When paired with our air data probe, the airspeed, angle of attack, and angle of sideslip are measured with high accuracy while the integrated GPS/INS unit produces real-time synched data.
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Nathaniel Varano


Aeroprobe Corporation, a leading aerospace engineering company, announced today that it has promoted Nathaniel Varano to the role of Chief Operations Officer. Previously, Dr. Varano served as the company’s Technology Director for Measurement Solutions. In his new role, Varano will oversee all operations for the engineering and manufacturing of Measurement Solutions and will also assist with the company’s Additive Friction Stir line of business.

Prior to joining Aeroprobe in 2014, Dr. Varano served as a lead research engineer for GE Global Research in Niskayuna, NY where he conducted aerodynamic experiments to facilitate design improvements of next generation turbofan engines.

“Nathaniel has extensive technical expertise in aerospace engineering and has become an exceptional leader at our company,” said Nanci Hardwick, CEO of Aeroprobe. “He exemplifies the Aeroprobe core values on a daily basis and is committed to delivering quality results to ensure client satisfaction and company success.”

Dr. Varano said, “I am honored to be named the COO at Aeroprobe Corporation. Aeroprobe is a clear industry leader in the measurement solutions market. We have more than 20 distributors and an increasing number of customers who depend on our high-quality products and quality service to engineer critical machines for our world. I look forward to working with such a dedicated and talented Aeroprobe team as we continue to grow our company”

Dr. Varano received his Doctorate degree in Aerospace Engineering from Virginia Tech and a Bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University.